May I through your paper query if my years supporting the Wire are any kind of record.?(including my family tree of supporters) I am now 86 years of age and my first experience of standing on the terraces at Wilderspool was when my dad took the whole family to watch the great Harry Bath when I was 9 years of age.

That was 77 years ago.

I married my wife in 1961 and we had six daughters. Everyone of them has been a Wire supporter. The only times I missed being at a game was when I was playing myself as an amateur with Rylands Rec.

Next to youngest daughter was only a babe in arms at Wembley in 1975.

My daughters’ children have all been avid fans of the Wire and their own children have followed their footsteps albeit at The Halliwell Jones.

I have had grandsons and great grandsons play junior RL for local teams.

As it stands in 2024 42 members of my family have been /are Wire fans.

Not a bad family tree me and Olive started in 1961.

Once a Wire always a Wire.


Houghton Green