MUCH was written, in last week’s edition (Warrington Guardian, May 23) about the effects of proportional representation, on the makeup of Warrington’s Borough Council.

Doesn’t this miss the point altogether. The question surely has to be, who voted Labour?

Despite the council’s horrendous fiscal record and being massively in debt, you voted for more of the same.

Did you really vote for more Labour representation, on a council which is on the brink of being put into ‘special needs’ by the Government because of its incompetence? It is beggars’ belief.

There’s nothing new in this is there? Take our capital city, London, where Labour presides over a city where knife crime is rampant and shoplifting is the order of the day.

The only way the mayor balances the books is by taxing motorists at every turn.

Take our second city, Birmingham, again a Labour stronghold, and guess what? They’ve gone bankrupt. Now there’s a surprise.

Now bankruptcy is a dreadful situation, but I recall a full-blown Labour government doing almost the same.

Remember ‘crisis? What crisis?’? Where the fiscal policies of our country were dictated, not by our government, but the IMF after it bailed out our failed Labour economy.

I’m long enough in the tooth to also recall Harold Wilson telling us all, after devaluing the pound: “The pound in your pocket is just as valuable today as yesterday.” No, it wasn’t.

How many of you can recall being limited to how much money you could take on holiday?

You had to take your passport to buy your holiday cash and there was a limit. I still have my old passport to prove it.

Labour and fiscal responsibility have never been good bedfellows

Inflation is now down to 2.3 per cent, and the IMF has just upgraded the UK’s growth forecast, not only for this year, but next year too. Isn’t that financial stability of great value to everybody?

Sadly, I fear that despite Labour’s policy on immigration, changes to strike laws and a massive woke agenda, the Lemmings of this country will tick the Labour box.