DRIVING around Warrington, the place seems to be resembling a large car park again.

The morning commute is getting busier and busier, and forget about it if the motorway is stuck.

Yet what is the solution?

The train service is still not reliable, and there are more and more homes and businesses opening in this town.

It seems to me Warrington is full to capacity and cannot manage any more people.

Yet reading the Warrington Guardian, there always seems to plans for more homes.

Hundreds coming on Radley Common, another 100 in Lymm the other week, similar in the likes of Winwick and Croft.

When will developers realise this town is already full to bursting?

We are a town which is surrounded by motorways and relies on a handful of bridges to cross two major waterways.

We cannot cope with more people, and if we do keep building, this town will always be a car park.

The story last week saying Warrington is great for walks, forget about it.

There will be nowhere left to walk sadly.