OVER time, much criticism has been directed to bus drivers in general.

My husband and myself boarded the X5 Warrington to Manchester Airport service on Saturday April 13.

The driver could see I was disabled, and my husband, aged 72 was struggling with our suitcases.

The driver asked us to wait a moment and lowered the floor for easy access.

He drove safely and very conscious of other road users, stopping at designated timing points.

What a shame a motorist parked their car opposite the bus stop, which just happened to be an allotted timing point.

Our driver parked up for his allotted time, and unfortunately another motorist could not get between the bus and the parked car due to the ignorant motorist in Lymm village.

Our driver, who we found out to be Steve, explained to the motorist about his two-minute wait, and the motorist waited without showing any aggression to our driver.

The timing points are there for a reason. Perhaps passengers in Lymm village may have required Steve’s bus.

Shame on you, whoever you are, for parking your car on such a narrow road in Lymm village. So inconsiderate.

We drove into the ‘countryside’.

I noticed a horse and rider up ahead and a couple of cars drove past, with no sign of slowing down.

But once again, our driver Steve slowed right down and drove on the other side of the road when safe to do so. The horse rider raised her hand to thank Steve.

On arrival at Manchester Airport bus interchange, I thanked Steve for his professionalism, safety and care, not only for us passengers, but other road users.

I urge any passenger not to moan and tar every driver with the same brush. It is not always their fault if a bus is delayed.

So, Ben Wakerley, this driver should be recognised for his excellent driving and passenger care.