I WAS reading the piece in the paper last week about whether Warrington is more Lancashire or Cheshire (Warrington Guardian, April 11).

Well the answer is simply, we live in Lancashire – always have done.

The county change to Cheshire was only ever for admin purposes. I still put Lancashire on all my mail and it never causes any problems.

Road signs or other things will never change now due to the cost, but I think you are what you feel – I feel like a Lancastrian.

My big gripe is, why don’t we shout about it?

We never stop hearing from Yorkshire people about how great their county is, but what about Lancashire?

From Blackpool to Warrington, we have plenty to shout about – magnificent countryside, gorgeous coastlines, rugged scenery.

And what of the food? You only have to watch the latest Hairy Bikers show to see how exciting the food scene is.

And we have some of the most talented artists, musicians sports stars in the world.

So let’s start celebrating Lancashire and the red rose.

I feel proud to be from this part of the world, and there is so much to feel proud about, so move over Yorkshire – Lancashire is here and proud.

Never, ever put Cheshire on your address. It is just some red tape people in Chester who have nothing to do with us.