THE news that the twin billionaire boss of Meta Mark Zuckerberg has lowered the age of entry to WhatsApp from 16 to 13 will come as a slap in the face to campaigner Esther Ghey, whose daughter was murdered in 2023.

In justifying the change, Meta has cited that it brings them into line with the US and Australia.

As if the UK did not possess a mind of its own.

Clearly, Zuckerberg considers himself ‘above the law’ to unilaterally declare such a change, whereas others would be accountable for their actions.

Considering that Mark Zuckerberg has small children of his own, a question in many people’s minds would be, does Meta’s boss possess a conscience?

It goes without saying that the second richest man in the world should immediately offer to make a sizeable contribution to Esther Ghey’s mindfulness in schools campaign, and for once put his massive wealth to a good cause by implementing this brave lady’s five-point plan.