I AM writing in reply to a Warrington Guardian reader regarding a walk-in centre to help the influx of all the people coming to live in Warrington.

We urgently need some sort of infirmary or walk-in centre.

Warrington Hospital is a disaster waiting to happen. I am scared of being poorly. The staff are under stress and stretched to the limit.

Why can’t the council see this like us ordinary working people who have paid taxes all their lives see it?

Come on council, get someone from Parliament to stay and supervise a day and night in our ongoing problem in the hospital for themselves.

There is seriously something wrong with the people in charge of all our welfare.

It is frightening and something needs to be done, because people are left in corridors on waiting of beds.

It has never, ever been this bad. Pull your finger out and do something.

There is an empty building in Mersey Street that would be ideal for a medical centre.

Why oh why can’t they use that if they are not using Cockhedge Centre.

The planning of our town has gone down the pan – and it is getting worse.

They have agreed to more flats around the town to be built, so where on earth are the doctors and hospitals to accommodate these extra people?

We need a petition setting up