I MUST say, I was highly amused when the Tory election leaflet dropped on my doormat this week.

Without any sense of irony, that leaflet saw local Tories congratulate themselves on keeping council tax low and criticised the rise in the borough levels.

To cut council tax, without any detail, it said it would cut all the unnecessary waste at the Town Hall.

A line from the ‘minister for common sense’ Esther McVey there I presume.

Yet the same Conservatives failed to deliver an alternative budget for Warrington this year or last.

So they have no plan to fix the multi-million-pound hole in finances facing all town halls across the country, caused by more than a decade of failed Tory Governments.

A Government which, talking of waste, has done nothing to tackle Whitehall waste which far exceeds anything locally where services are already stripped back to nothing.

Baroness Mone and the PPE scandal?

So I hope people take this leaflet for what it is – little more than electioneering from a party desperately trying to avoid a wipeout which even former home secretary Suella Braverman says is coming.

Don’t worry though, they have saved me £20.20 on a precept for the parish council, which could have been spent making the area look nicer.

Ah well.