I WOULD be interested to know the names of the councillors, who suggested or authorised the positioning of the 36 grey planters on the central reservation of the A562 Warrington Road in Penketh.

Bearing in mind the dire straits in which the council finds itself monetarily, how can the council possibly justify the maintenance and upkeep of such planters?

Maintenance may not be the correct term, as they look, and always have done, abysmal.

The grey boxes containing plants that have seen better days do little or nothing to enhance the environment, and they are positioned in such a way as to restrict the views of drivers using the various intersections.

Cost effectively, it would be wise and more economical to remove these eyesores.

Perhaps councillors should visit Menlove Avenue in Liverpool to appreciate what can be done to enhance a dual carriageway.

Trees in full blossom are not only pleasing to the eye, but beneficial to the environment.

Please remove the ugly planters.