I HAVE to say I was in complete agreement with the author who wrote in about the problems on the roads in Warrington (Warrington Guardian, March 21).

I tried to get from Great Sankey to Birchwood on Saturday and it took the best part of an hour.

There are few times in the day now where Sankey Way does not resemble a car park.

I cannot work out how it has got so bad.

Then this person mentioned the developments.

There are many new, huge housing estates near us on former Burtonwood Airbase land.

Much of it was opened before any road changes were brought in, and the changes that have taken place have had a negligible impact.

So he is right to say south Warrington will soon have the same fate.

Here in the west of Warrington, I wait with dread to find out what will happen when all those homes and employment spaces will come on Fiddler’s Ferry.

Because you can bet your bottom dollar that neither the roads nor rail lines will be fixed before the first homeowners move in.


Great Sankey