THE case for a new Warrington Hospital has been a constant concern to residents of our town for years.

I was born in 1955 in the town and lived a large portion of my life across from the site on Lovely Lane.

I remember the original footprint and boundary, which over the last 40 years has dramatically changed. 

Where the A&E department is was a park with bowling greens and tennis courts.

You could walk through to town easily and the annual fete was held on grass at the rear. 

What a change. You have difficulty parking, even with additional spaces created at the back, and there is no more space to pinch. 

From all compass points in our town, we have slowly grabbed land from each one.

Omega to the west is a good example, mixing large industrial units and housing developments to the extent there is not much of that site left now.

My big question is – where is left, even if the funding was granted?

By the time we get it (and if) there will not be anywhere left to build it.

The most obvious site would be Fiddler’s Ferry power station – an ideal option between Warrington and Widnes. 

There is good access for road links and there is still the railway line from Bank Quay, which could be adapted with a passenger service. 

Surely it is a big enough site to allow not only for buildings, but parking and green spaces for mindfulness.

Our town population is at a near maximum, surely, and we urgently need an improved healthcare provision. 

I don’t believe I will see it. 

We continue to swell our numbers but have no committed plans in place to care for them.



I WONDER if I will ever see a new hospital in my lifetime?

I agree with lots of what Simon Constable said (Warrington Guardian, March 14).

Staff at Warrington Hospital are doing a marvellous job in very difficult circumstances, but it is impossible to keep making it work in an environment which is not suitable.

Most of the place is dark, there are buckets around and things needing to be fixed, not to mention the car park situation.

It is a far cry from what a modern hospital should be.

I look at the Unilever site which sits there gently rusting, or the empty land at New Town House, and wonder if they could house a new hospital.

It is hard to see how you could build a new one and keep a service running if it stays at Lovely Lane.

Of course, all of this is irrelevant unless some extra cash is delivered and quickly.

I wish them all the best, but I do not see me ever being cared for in a new Warrington Hospital – and I am 53.



I NOTICED the latest plea for a new Warrington Hospital.

Yes, parking is a nightmare, but the rest of the place seems to function pretty well.

So, at a time of not much public money and economic uncertainty all around, are we not best only spending when necessary?

I am sure most towns in the country would like a new hospital, but the money is just not there.

We have got to make the best of what there is.