WE live on Old Liverpool Road and the past month has been a nightmare.

This is a relatively busy road but at night it is usually quiet.

However with Sankey Way shutting from 7pm, our road turns into a noisy car park every night until the small hours.

Does the work really need to go on for six weeks and could the council not have done more to stop cars diverting past our homes and all the associated noise which comes with it?

We can’t wait until the end of the month and a return to normal.

Because as well as the noise, if we want to go to Penketh or Sankey in the evening, we are forced to sit in long queues in order to get there.

I have not been out for a curry at my local Indian now for four weeks because it is not worth the hassle.

We also had little notice or communication from the council before the work started.
Thanks a bunch.

No doubt the patch up job will only last a few weeks before it starts all over again

Sankey Bridges