THROUGH all the negative headlines about Warrington’s darkest day, it was lovely to see some light on Sunday.

I don’t know the Ghey family and know only of Brianna’s story through the Warrington Guardian.

But to be at the vigil on Sunday was a moving experience, and I am not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye to hear such emotional words and music.

For all the evil that concentrated in the brutal murder of Brianna, Sunday showed that at heart, Warrington is a warm and loving place, full of people who care about their community and care about each other – and that is something we can all feel rather proud of.

Humanity is stronger than any act of evil.

As Esther Ghey, an extraordinary woman, told us – there is never a more important time to hug our children.

They are the most valuable and important thing we have. The biggest responsibility in our lives and our greatest privilege.

Warrington must never forget the dark days of a year ago, but people can hold their high and reflect with pride on our response.