I LIVE on the estate opposite Priestley College and have done since August 2012.

Since the extension of the college and more students choosing to drive to college, the parking on our estate has become a nightmare.

I live at the end of the cul de sac and the students block my drive, as well as all my neighbours’ drives too.

They have no regard for the people living here and dump their cars anywhere they like.

We have a Facebook community group for the estate and there are hundreds of incidents and photos from over the years.

The council is saying the land is not adopted and cannot issue fines or parking permits to residents, and the police cannot do anything but give them yellow warnings.

The college has been contacted as well as the local MP Andy Carter, and still nothing has helped.

Some students are collected by their parents or driving instructors along the main road into the estate, often blocking other cars and double parking with residents.