About five months ago on returning home my wife and I found two lads digging the pavement outside our bungalow.

The next morning we went out quite early and never returned until about 4pm the hole in the pavement was still there and so were two rather large green digital cabinets and so were two large holes cut into my Copper Beech hedge.

The next day the two lads came to finish of the work and I asked them who had given them permission to cut the holes.

I said you’ve ruined the hedge, they told me to complain to Virgin, now I have got four of the cabinets outside my house the first two were fitted more than 20 years ago.

]At least then Virgin had the good grace to tell me before they started the work.

I was f50 then I am 75 now. I’ll be lucky to see this lot grow back, I have complained to Virgin who told me to complain to their subcontractors. I received a condescending letter back. I complained again to Virgin who told me to take it up with their legal department.

I have written several times but I have I have heard nothing for several weeks.

We have been in touch Warrington Borough Council and our local MP Charlotte Nichols.

They have both been very sympathetic and at first very helpful but both have said there is nothing more they can do.

It seems that these days the little people will always get trodden on by the big guys.