THE Guardian comment made a valid point last week concerning the need to have services in place for when the Fiddler’s Ferry project is complete.

One such is a station on the line running to the old low-level station at Bank Quay, where a single basic platform could give a few yards access to the main line station and lifts for the disabled.

It could be further extended to the site of the old Arpley station for a closer exit to the town centre.

In the opposite direction to Liverpool, it is no great distance to the main line from London.

To save costs, it could be worth considering singling the existing line from Widnes to Warrington, given the eye-watering cost of Warrington West with overbridge and two platforms.

But there lies the question: cost. Yes, a lot, and where can it be sourced?

Billions of pounds have been wasted on a high-speed rail link which will run from nowhere to nowhere, with the northern sections cancelled and the money saved to be used on other projects, so perhaps here?