IT was hardly surprising when I read online about Warrington Borough Council’s debt level being the third highest in the country.

It was however alarming to see just how much of an outlier Warrington is.

I understand the argument that they have spent money to accumulate and bring in revenue, but £1.8billion is an eyewatering sum of money.

I have to say, I thought Andy Carter hit the nail on the head in his comments.

The issue is that councillors simply do not have the expertise to be making these sort of financial decisions.

The failure of Together Energy will tell you that, while the investment in Redwood Bank remains questionable.

The council keeps blaming the Government.

However, are neighbouring councils like St Helens, Halton or Cheshire West making these investments?

Yet they are still running services and do not have eyewatering levels of debt.

The issue now is how you get out of it.