IT was great to see so many shoppers in Warrington town centre this Christmas.

I went to Golden Square a couple of times in the past week and it was packed.

Lots of people, you could really feel the Christmas spirit.

But other than a few cabins, could Warrington not put on a bit more of a show for Christmas?

Then displays in the Golden Square are the same ones as the past few years.

While the ones on Bridge Street, Buttermarket Street and Horsemarket Street have not changed at all.

Time Square had a few garlands but it felt very much as if Warrington was not getting into the spirit of the season.

It all looked rather shabby, mundane and a little bit disappointing.

I appreciate times are hard and things cost more money.

But perhaps spending a few quid would encourage more people to come out and be less reliant on Amazon for gifts.

Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate.

And at this time of year, surely we should all want to put smiles on faces.

Let’s try to do better next year maybe.