IT seems as though green spaces will soon become a thing of the past in Warrington.

Because as much as the council likes to say otherwise, the new local plan will mean so many of the fields which liven our town becoming bland housing estates.

This week already the Warrington Guardian has reported on new homes from Winwick to Hollins Green (Warrington Guardian, December 21).

And developers will have eyes on all sorts of pockets of land opened up for development in the local plans.

Do we really need the best part of 1,000 new homes a year.

Because theses won’t be new homes for young people to get on the housing ladder.

They won’t be affordable properties to help the thousands of people who really need them.

They will be more middle class £500,000 three and four bedroom detached properties for people outside town to clog up our roads and ruin our countryside.

So enjoy the villages and green spaces while you can because soon much of it will be gone.

The council likes to shout about how green it is and how much it does for solar energy.

Why can it not preserve the precious space we have in our beautiful town?