Whilst I appreciate refunding council taxpayers, for the huge disturbance caused by the bin strike would be difficult, there is one area which is pretty clear cut, the green bin collection service.

This is an area which is none compulsory and entirely voluntary. By paying for third service, I and a great many others, have entered into a very specific agreement, with the council.

We agree to pay the council a set payment and in return, they, the council agree to a very specific service i.e. the number of times they empty the green bins. This agreement, is in effect a contract, between individuals and the council, where the terms, on both sides are clearly laid out and understood..

Those of us who have paid, for this very specific service, have “kept our side of the bargain”. The Council have failed and so, in effect are in “breach of contract”. They have taken money “under false pretences” That surely cannot be allowed. I sincerely hope that the council will refund, on a pro rate basis, the cost of the green bin service, or lack of.

In every other walk of life, if I pay for a service, and that service isn’t provided, be it a tradesman who never turns up, then I am protected in law. The council needs to “take heed”

Perhaps the town’s MPs could look into this.