THE strike may be over but our letters page remains full of opinions on the bin strikes in Warrington.

Here is a selection from this week.

Damage is done

I REFER to the 10 weeks strike by the binmen and lack of efforts by Warrington Borough Council to resolve the issue quickly.

Well enough is enough the damage that both parties have inflicted on the council tax payers of Warrington is beyond an apology.

Whatever you do or try to do to make amends WBC and the binmen, the damage is done Every resident in Warrington won’t trust you ever again.

I know I certainly won’t.

And hope residents remember this when they vote in next year’s elections


What a joke

NOBODY will forget what has gone in with the lack of bin collections in this town over the past few weeks.

Both the council and the refuse workers should hang their heads in shame.

I understand disputes at work.

But in the real world, people aren’t getting massive pay rises and then money from their employer to cover them while they were on strike.

As well as money from the unions.

All the while they hold the rest of the town to ransom.

Where is our money back for the time wasted going the tip every week.

And look at the streets now.

Both sides have no sympathy from me or anyone else I know.

I hope they think long and hard before doing such a thing again.

I know they won’t be getting too many tips this Christmas.

The whole thing has been some sort of terrible joke.



More power

I WAS so happy to see the refuse workers won their battle against this council.

They are absolute heroes.

It can’t have been easy but I have seen them out on the picket line in all weathers.

They were fighting for what they believed in and they have won as well.

I see lots of people saying they were greedy.

Are you kidding?

Who wants to do that job?

And we have seen the past few weeks how much we all need them.

So well done to all of them, I am so pleased they got what they wanted.

I will of course be delighted to have my bins emptied again.

But the inconvenience is a small price to pay for showing the council yet again how bad they are.