I HAVE just received a letter from New Jersey USA posted Monday, November 27 not air mail.

At the same time my sister, who lives in Middlewich, posted three cards to us in separate envelopes for three separate anniversaries.

Two have arrived today, Tuesday, December 5, and one, a birthday card, is still in transit.

New Jersey is 3,367miles and Middlewich 23 miles from Warrington.

She specifically put extra postage on the birthday card to make sure it arrived for last Friday, December 1.

Well Royal Mail where is it?

I thought it was an offence to deliberately delay mail?

The parcel deliveries can be three times a day and on Sundays as well.

It appears envelope mail is third class when it comes to delivery.

Lack of staff is no excuse no matter what reason.

It should be taken into account that at this time of year extra workforce is needed and should have been employed.


Great Sankey