OUR inbox has been filled again this week with letters about the ongoing Warrington bin strikes.

Plenty of you have been in touch, her is a selection.


Come on Lads and Lassies, Enough is Enough, Do you feel good about making peoples’ Christmases miserable?

Are your wives/husbands backing you in this prolonged strike? I bet not all of them are.

Last year was bad enough with train strikes etc. Come on we, the people of Warrington deserve better.

I am sure you have grievances that need sorting out, we all do. But not nearly as much as people abroad living in fear, no house, children getting killed.

Really you must see that now is not the time to be holding people to ransom and that is what you are doing I probably agree that Warrington Borough Council have not played their part well in this dispute but that does not mean we shouldn’t play our part well.

I am a 78 year old pensioner, I have paid to have my bins emptied once.

I am lucky that I could afford to do that but I only have an old age pension and a small private pension, I get no help.

If anyone wants to contact me and and explain exactly why this strike should go on I am happy to listen but I will look at both sides and assess truthfully.

Come on lads, this is Christmas, the season of good will to all men and women.



I ALONG with many residents in Warrington feel Warrington Borough Council should to be ashamed of themselves leaving the streets of Warrington looking like the slums.

Bags are piled high full of peoples’ rubbish attracting all kinds of fury animals, blocking access to peoples’ driveways, storage units or even exits that should not be blocked due to health and safety.

Where are our street cleaners to at least remove the bags?

Leave the bins by all means, outside my home right now there’s more than 30 bin bags, none of them mine.

This morning my father has sent me a photo of the side of his house where he lives after jumping out of the way of a rat tucking into someone else’s rubbish.

How dare they leave conditions like this in our town.

Give them what they want and clean our street.


Given that the strikes are going on until at least Christmas this ridiculous situation, beggars the question: How much of their normal salary is Warrington Borough Council paying them?

You would have thought that at least two months of a huge salary cut while striking would put huge pressure on household budgets, especially before Christmas.

Maybe these workers are not feeling the pinch