Here is a selection of letters we have had this week on the ongoing bin strikes in Warrington

TAKE a look outside Barrow Hall Primary School.

There is a lack of bins on airlift hill and surrounding areas.

Only bins are outside the school and on the playgrounds.

They are always full like this with poo everywhere. Not acceptable when it’s where children play close by.

This is not acceptable outside a school.

Several bins outside are overflowing with all sorts of waste.

Dog poo bags everywhere.

Absolutely disgusting.


So what plans are in place if these strikes continue and the judge decides that they are not illegal?

Surely the council have worked on a contingency plan.

How about reassuring us that you plan to do something if the strikes carry on past December 4.

We cannot carry on as we are for another few weeks until Christmas The council have done nothing to help us during the last two months and their communication with us has been non-existent.

Perhaps our MPs might raise it at a higher level and get the Army brought in to at least get us all one collection on health grounds.



Enough is enough.

Rats are roaming the estate. The attached picture, right, is a view of the state of my house out the back as neighbours pile rubbish outside.

Looks as though strikes will continue into the new year.



While I fully support the right of anyone to strike, I suggest you compare the pay, plus T&Cs of a refuse worker, unskilled, no education required, no responsibility, against a newly qualified, professionally registered nurse after three years at university.

One earns a fair bit less than the other, and it isn’t the refuse collector.

Don’t get me started on optional paid overtime versus expected daily unpaid overtime.

A national pay award has been agreed.