Every week, our readers write into us about all manner of topics.

This week, Will Charlton, of Winsford, has asked us to share his open letter to Cllr Margaret Parker, the leader of the Conservative group at Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Cllr Parker,

Your chance to give an early Christmas present to the people of Cheshire.

Please ask Cllr Louise Gittins [council leader] to:

i. confirm, as she has told me, that an incoming Labour Government will amalgamate Cheshire East and West, with Warrington, as a City Region.

ii. explain how Warrington's reported £1.8bn debt is to be paid off, and how Warrington is then to be included with single Cheshire as a City Region.

iii. to confirm net zero as the criterion to select the administrative HQ for the City Region - with Wyvern House and the Winsford Brunner Guildhall complex, suitably developed, as possible candidates for this HQ.

Please then say what the Conservative policy is for local devolution, given that this is their national policy.

Samantha Dixon, as leader of Cheshire West, agreed in 2016 'Single Cheshire as a City Region' with her Conservative counterpart in Cheshire East - under encouragement from the Conservative Government.

Only for Cheshire's Conservative MPs to abort 'Single Cheshire as a City Region', fearful of continuous Labour administrations.

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