LANCASHIRE was founded 900 years ago, long before Parliament even made a show.

The boundary of the county is very plain to see, you can go no further than the Irish Sea.

The east is always Yorkshire along the Pennine Chain renowned for hard and craggy cliffs so often drenched by rain.

The northern point is The Duddon, north of the sands, and in the south the Mersey next to the Cheshire lands.

It’s always been so and always will, nothing can change it, politicians never will.

Warrington is a friend to Cheshire who is next door, a neighbour who is willing to help when called on as before.

Cheshire helps with admin with police and fire and such, but do not let us get confused with boundaries they can’t touch.

We are a proud and generous people here in Warrington, our heritage and history speaks volumes of times gone.

The steel, the glass the tan yards, the countless skills all gone, the list of firms is endless that made our great town run.

The Army, and the Navy, the Yanks at Burtonwood, the Brylcreme boys at Padgate they all fought and won for us.

So here’s a plea to those in power behind the Golden Gates, let’s see the signs for Lancashire on roads and motorways.

Let us fly the Red Rose on special days above the town hall lawn, we owe it to our children, to know, in which county they were born.

Who has the power, and right to change, England’s His-to-ry? No single man, or body can, not even by Royal decree.