I WRITE to you regarding the debanking scandal.

It is not just about Nigel Farage and Coutts Bank, the billionaires bank. It is happening to ordinary people and small businesses everywhere, including here in Warrington.

According to the Banking Regulators, over a thousand people a day in the UK are losing access to their bank accounts, with little notice and no explanation.

The problem is that they have relied upon shame and embarrassment to keep people quiet. After all, none of us would like to tell people that we have been debanked.

It is hard to imagine, in this modern world, losing access to your bank. Imagine trying to pay your bills, but not online.

Imagine trying to do anything without loan or credit facilities. It is almost impossible today to operate without an account.

I am writing to local politicians to request that they support the campaign to force banks to tell people why they have been debanked, and to allow people a statutory right to appeal the decision via the Banking Ombudsman.

As a people, we have always believed in the concept of fair play. Secret debanking is not fair. We need to change these rules, and we need to change them fast.


Reform Spokesman, South Warrington constituency