WE have just been driving down the so-called ‘smart’ M62 motorway.

The ‘smart’ motorway signs, between the entrance from the M60 for the Trafford Centre and junction 11 for Birchwood, were showing 60.

This was followed by a 40, followed by the national speed limit sign – in both directions – for three hours.

There was no traffic in either direction, so what is the purpose of having the signs?

If this was a one off it would not bother me, but on multiple occasions this has happened.

And worse still, because of the sudden changes in speed you can see the speed cameras flashing as people are caught out.

It is a disgrace. Bring back the hard shoulder and get rid of the signs.

Seems to me that ‘smart’ motorways are not smart – they are dangerous.

They are just a speed camera money making scheme and it is unacceptable.

What a waste of money.

I would be really interested to hear what incident the signs were warning of for the three hours between 7pm and 10pm on January 12 between those junctions.