WHY is this country turning into America?

Walking and driving around Warrington, I have been disgusted by the Halloween horror show on view.

It seems like every second house is dressed for Halloween.

When did this ridiculous tradition sneak in?

Ten years ago, people didn’t dress their houses for Halloween.

I don’t mind the odd pumpkin but some of these ‘decorations’ are grotesque.

Grave stones, witches, blood and gore. I have seen it all.

Most of this stuff would only be shown after the watershed on TV.

But it seems fine to stick it in your front garden or attach it to your gate.

Halloween is sinister, it is praising witches and ghouls and we should have no part of it.

Trick or treating is begging at best and should be ignored.

Now this awful practice.

Hopefully it will go back to America next year and we can all celebrate more traditional and family friendly festivals such as Christmas.