THE sickening news that the body of Warrington aid worker Paul Urey showed possible signs of torture must be a terrible blow for this man’s nearest and dearest.

This is especially when one remembers that it had been previously said that emergency aid had been administered by his Russian captors.

The suspicion of murder by a tyrannous regime is strong – one more ‘war crime’ to add to the vast catalogue of war crimes committed by Putin’s medieval regime.

It will be remembered that in February, at the start of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, then Foreign Secretary Liz Truss appeased British freedom fighters who wished to volunteer their services to Ukraine in the face of the illegal invasion.

Even the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson distanced himself from her words and changed foreign policy.

Mrs Truss is now PM, despite her dereliction of duty in failing to repatriate this man, and failing to secure emergency insulin supplies via the Red Cross, in order to save Paul’s life.

Perhaps Warrington’s MPs will take this opportunity to question the PM on this matter at parliamentary PMQs in the near future.

On a separate matter, the heartbreaking demise of the Queen will be akin for many in Warrington to the loss of a loved one in their own family.

Many Warrington residents will have cherished memories of royal smiles, laughter and individual attention, as if you were the only person in the world.

To this gracious lady and her handsome husband, Warrington, and indeed the world, say thank you for your love, rest in peace and rise in glory. God save the King.

Tim Cleworth