MAY I through your paper show my disgust at the article about the council removing bins if residents have not moved them once they have been emptied.

No reflection on the Warrington Guardian with my next comment: There used to be a paper called Billy’s Weekly Liar, and this article would have been right at home there.

Most people know that I write a lot of letters to this paper about the neglect of the Greenwood/Grasmere estate where I live.

I sent letters to WBC about four years ago regarding four overflowing bins that were left unemptied and rubbish piled up in the alley behind.

These are still there. Absolutely rancid, and a breeding ground for rats and other vermin.

In the Big Debate column, just one person agreed with this approach from WBC.

In my last letter, I complained about the weeds on the estate.

If they go much higher this debate will no longer matter, as the hard-working bin men might have difficulty finding bins emptied or otherwise.


Houghton Green