WARRINGTON has become the go-to destination for holidaying travellers in north west England.

With no official site that they can be easily forced to move on to, they are free to stay wherever they want.

When a site is finally established, the police can legally move them on to that site within 24 hours of their arrival in the borough.

Of course, there is a charge to stay on these sites, thus removing the attraction of holidaying in Warrington.

It appears that for many years this council has sat on its hands and has taken no published action to remedy this situation.

Of course, the councillors have other pressing matters on their minds. The residents’ concern about how the finances are managed and the disastrous Central 6 scheme are but two examples.

I have to wonder what advice and guidance councillors receive from the salaried officers.

Then again, do they actually heed any advice given, or are they hell bent on destroying the town while trying to put the blame onto the Government?