I HAVE been a resident of Warrington for the past 40 years, and I find it hard to believe the council has never sorted the transit site issue that has been spoken about for the past five years.

It has still not been sorted, there are generally nearly always travellers in the Warrington area, I have to ask why?

For the transit site, is the old Biffa site at Risley not an option? I am not sure as to who owns the land, or indeed if it is suitable, but there are no houses nearby, it is on a motorway junction and it is not being used at present.

What is the annual cost of travellers coming into Warrington? It would be interesting to find this out, given the economic cost of everything going up at present, and how much it is costing the council tax payers of Warrington.

As for the travellers on Peel Hall Park, they have been there now off and on for two months. Again, this should have been dealt with, and once they leave the site the council should make it as difficult as possible for them to return.

I have never been aware of the council providing toilets to any encampment in the past. They should have been forced to leave weeks ago.

I realise they may have a welfare issue, but are the council considering the welfare of the primary school children at the school opposite?

I am hoping the travellers will be moved on at the earliest opportunity and the council then move swiftly to secure the site to dissuade any further encampments.

Something like what has been installed at Woolston Hub would be ideal. It has worked there.