WHY do Warrington refuse collectors think they know about recycling.

Three times I have not had a bin emptied and a red sticker put on saying what can and can’t go in it.

Many of the refuse collectors are agency workers, what makes them knowledgeable about what can’t be recycled?

As a council tax payer I would like to know where all the refuse collected goes.

I work in the recycling business and I can tell you it all goes to landfill.

Your refuse starts with a collection then when the refuse lorry is full it takes a trip to WSR in Widnes.

From there it goes to landfill.

WSR charge around £800 to £1,500 per tonne.

On average WBC collect around 200,000 tonnes per week so not collecting your bin and putting a sticker on could make it cheaper.

So why insist on recycling, we might as well just put all the rubbish in one bin and take 20- plus wagons off the road every week as there would be no need for recycling collections.

PAUL WHITE Warrington