AS a volunteer litter picking organiser, I wanted to write in support of Warrington’s #SaferStreets campaign, initiated by John Dwyer, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire.

The broken glass window effect has established the link between an improved environment and the prevention of even serious crime.

Warrington’s #SaferStreets uses this effect with a clean up campaign, along with graffiti removal, better street lighting and improved CCTV to make our town a safer, more attractive place to live and work.

This programme is proving to be a success.

I’ve lived in Warrington since 1989, and visiting the town centre twice yesterday and again today, I have never seen the place looking so clean.

It’s looking like a centre we can all be proud of.

The council cleaning team are working all over the pedestrianised area and central streets with carts, brushes and clean up trucks.

They are backed up by our own volunteer litter picking groups, gathering hundreds of bags of litter from streets, verges and patches of wasteland around the town centre.

I want to congratulate John Dwyer and all the council teams and volunteers (306 bags of litter in two weeks) for backing this programme and making such a difference as we emerge from Covid restrictions.

There is still a lot to do.

If anyone would like to join our volunteer litter picking groups, for this programme and the future, please find us at Warrington centre litter network on

Thank you again for your help.

TONY DIXON Grappenhall