WHY is everyone in Warrington so angry all the time?

Every time I open the paper or read the Warrington Guardian website, it is people shouting and bawling.

Has two years of Covid sent everyone a little bit looney and more angry than necessary?

Everything is wrong.

If you believe the readers, we have the worst shops, terrible bus service, shocking council, awful entertainment.

Even the Wolves seems to get constant criticism.

It is just really annoying. Can’t people look up rather than down.

Can’t they be a little more cheerful.

After all, Warrington tops almost every chart for success and people move here all the time.

There must be something going for it.

Can’t we share and and talk about the places we like. The beautiful countryside, the great places to eat and drink?

So with spring on its way, for once can we have some joy and less moaning.

Of course, after this moan!

JOAN LITTLER Stockton Heath