I RECENTLY paid a visit to our bus station for the first time in what has probably been a couple of years, given the pandemic.

The state of what is a building around 15 years in age is astonishingly poor.

Random pieces of chipboard lying about in case of emergency (AKA, should the vandals see fit to break glass) and a ceiling leaking worse than a Warrington Wolves defensive line.

This town has grand ambitions of being a city.

What is the point when we can’t manage the upkeep of contemporary structures, never mind the older buildings which make a place worth visiting?

Mark my words, a decade from now the shiny new Warrington Market will be crumbling and we’ll be back to square one.

Footnote, a security guard has just been around and informed me my bus won’t be calling because there aren’t enough drivers.

I guess I shouldn’t have bought that return ticket after all.