I, AMONG others, have tonight and two nights last week been stranded thanks to Arriva and the 329 has not arrived at all.

Yet the St Helens to Warrington service went down four times but never came back.

When it did come back at 6.10pm the bus driver stated not in service but the app was informing us it had gone past the stop.

Old people were standing there freezing with no other alternative transport to get home.

I have kids that need me after school and my eldest has had to sit in the doorstep in the cold and wait for me as I’m a single parent.

I have had to use public transport since last year due to having my car stolen and crashed.

With the Arriva 329 bus being the only one that goes from Warrington to St Helens this is my only transport to and from my job.

Since using this service I have had no end of problems.

Constantly late buses or no arrival of buses for three to four hours.

Denied travel as I was 10p short and where I live there is no shop or cash machine.

When it was snowing one of the drivers left an elderly lady with mobility at the Winwick bus stop as she only had a £5 note.

One night after waiting two hours the bus eventually arrived, only to everyone’s disappointment it drove straight past and didn’t bother to stop.

Something needs to be done with Arriva travel.

I’m an NHS worker and have worked through the pandemic which has been an absolute nightmare and caused me no end of stress, tears and anxiety all caused by the Arriva transport.

There are a lot of angry people in regards to this service and I’m currently doing a petition as they cannot treat people like this and decide not to turn up at all when the elderly and people with mental health rely on this service.