I RECENTLY read a letter about the Latchford bridge centre parking.

I unfortunately would like to tell you I have now received a £55 fine from the same car park.

I am a member of Energie Fitness gym on the complex.

I have religiously visited for up to three to four times a week for the past 18 months.

However, I have now had to cancel my membership as I cannot risk paying £55 for the pleasure of using the ‘free’ car park.

Following a visit to the gym, I was perplexed to find upon returning to my car, that the parking attendant was just finishing up writing out a note and sticking it to my wind shield.

I asked the gentleman why was he giving me a parking notice, if I displayed a ticket.

He completely ignored me, like I was some type of alien.

I went to my car and saw the ticket was the wrong way up.

So, I showed him the ticket, to which to my utter disbelief he replied with ‘quit with the attitude’.

A brief altercation ensured in which I told the man ‘I didn’t care I had a valid ticket for my session’ and he said ‘oh you don’t care do you’ and walked off.

I wouldn’t mind, but upon further inspection, the ticket itself has the wrong date on it.

One of the machines has been ‘broken’ since 2018, and nowhere does it say the ticket needs to be displayed a certain way in one way or the other on the signage.

To make matters worse, it also appears they have taken many pictures in HD quality, but whenever there’s the ticket in the window, they have blurred the numbers – to add ‘weight’ to their argument.

The privately owned car park is literally a money making scam where they rip off locals and can’t even be bothered to sort their own machines.

How my ticket being the wrong way round has cost them £55 I don’t know.

I am now on the fence whether to pay the fine at the ‘reduced’ rate of £55, or go appealing through POPLA.

I am the type of person that would pay a fine if justified, but seeing as I displayed a ticket this feels like fraud.

I have now cancelled my gym membership and i will never be visiting the Latchford Bridge shopping complex again, nor will my family.