BEING an old gentleman, I very seldom drive at night.

On Saturday my granddaughter was stranded after a barbecue with no taxis to be had.

So, I went to pick her up.

On turning into Poplars Avenue from Orford Green, the road was pitch dark because the tree was blocking out the streetlamps.

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter to the Warrington Guardian, but it was never published.

In that letter there was a suggestion to the Warrington Borough Council to allow one week a month to do the services that are being neglected.

Services that would have cost a few thousand, now when they get around to doing them, it will cost hundreds of thousands.

It is no wonder that fly tipping is on the increase.

I would suggest that there are no avenues blocked out by the overgrown trees or weeds, three foot high on pavements or walkways, on the south side of the canal.

If plans are to gain city status, then the council wants to treat all Warrington on the same terms, but there again I am talking of all council estates.

THOMAS SWIFT Houghton Green