I AM writing in reply to the letter from Tommy Swift (Warrington Guardian, May 27) about fly-tipping.

It seems his problem is an all too familiar one.

Across Warrington, there seems to be far more fly-tipping than there used to be.

I agree that the council could do more here.

But isn’t it true that people used to care about where they lived.

People used to take pride in their homes and their communities.

It seems that has long gone.

For so many now, they couldn’t care less.

So they will dump sofas or beds.

The council will pick them up for £20.

But there is no shame.

There was a picture of a workman in the Guardian the other week dumping rubbish.

Back in the 60s and 70s, this would never have happened.

You wouldn’t have even thought about it.

People were proud of Warrington and what it meant to live here.

You liked and knew your neighbours and would have been ashamed to act in such a way.

Now it seems that pride has gone, and that is a real shame.

So yes, the council can do more and take away rubbish dumped.

But we should all play our part in keeping our town clean and tidy.