CAN I ask how Dick Dastardly and Mutley managed to get a job in Warrington’s road and traffic planning department?

For a daily episode of Wacky Races, just position yourself somewhere near to the Royal Oak Branch or outside the Academy.

Dick obviously thought it was a good idea to dispense with one lane outside the Academy so that we can watch the Grand Prix style start, as drivers in the outside lane head for the five available lanes, cut across traffic heading for Knutsford Road or the Causeway to head into the retail park or even down Mersey Street.

I sit with my hand close to the horn because I can guarantee it happens every time.

On the other side of Bridge Foot we have the ‘all day bus lane’, or so you would think.

Cars in the third lane cutting into the first and second, even though the lane is only live for two hours in the morning.

And then we have the new bypass – sorry, the future housing access road.

Why put traffic lights at the new junctions at either end when a roundabout would have made the most sense?

It’s not relieved Bridge Foot, just moved the problem further down the road.

Take a look at Chester Road and Gainsborough Road when the swing bridge operates, it’s worse than ever.

And heading towards Wilson Patten Street from Bank Park, where it only becomes two lanes for the last 50 metres, is a joke.

And finally, could anyone tell me why I can’t turn left out of Winmarleigh Street?


I can turn right, park outside Dawsons, turn into Hilden Place, and then turn around and head back past the top of the street as if I’ve turned left.

I can hear Mutley sniggering from here.

MARTIN B Warrington