THE beautifully restored 16th century Barley Mow in Golden Square rightly attracts tourists and Warringtonians alike.

May I ask why other historic town centre pubs have been allowed to be placed ‘to let’ such as The Lower Angel in Buttermarket Street and even more importantly The Three Pigeons in Tanners Lane?

That is not to mention historic pubs now changed out of recognition and the future of the famed Red Lion in Bridge Street, which now has no sign.

With original features under threat from development, surely these Warrington pubs, along with the former Packet House, should be afforded equal restoration priority before they are lost forever.


I HAVE to say I agree 100 per cent with your correspondent about the state of the Packet House on Bridge Street.

Every time I sit at the lights on Bridge Foot (that is another story with the bizarre decision to reduce the lanes to two from three due to coronavirus) I end up looking up and seeing the mess it is in.

It makes me so sad when I think what it used to be and how many enjoyable nights I have spent in there.

It really is one of the most impressive buildings in Warrington.

I shudder to think at how much it would cost to repair.

I would suspect hoping it falls down and gets rebuilt is the only hope.

Bridge Street was once one of the most amazing streets in our town.

And it can be again.

But it is to be hoped this beautiful old pub can play a part in the future.

Our history cannot be forgotten.

But it can be preserved if we act quickly enough.

It is wonderful to see some of the progress in Warrington recently.

But it should not be at the expense of our history.