A COMPANY called Freedom Fibre is planning to erect 10 metre poles in roads in Culcheth in order to deliver faster broadband to the village.

Notices have been posted giving residents 28 days to comment but it has been made clear that the poles are coming no matter what.

Very few, if any, households want broadband delivered to their homes by cables dangling from poles because of the aesthetic detriment caused and also, in some roads, damage to blossom trees.

The council have been asleep at the wheel on this matter and have woken up too late to do anything to stop this happening.

BT Openreach and TalkTalk also have vested interests in this project, but if no one signs up to the service because of the way it is being delivered, what is the point of erecting the poles?

The obvious solution is to deliver the service by underground cables but Freedom Fibre say this cannot be done.

It can be done if households are prepared to pay for the work required to deliver the service underground.