• WORKING at home has brought many benefits.

One of those has not been people knocking on the door canvassing for election votes.

In the past week I have had Labour and Liberal Democrat volunteers asking how I was voting and urging me to support them.

Normally I would be in work so would miss such joy.

We have not seen sight nor sound of the Conservatives.

They have of course paid for letters to be sent to me via the post (despite never having indicated I would in any be supporting the Tories).

It contained a rather bizarre survey asking me to rate how well the Conservatives had done providing furlough during the pandemic.

But not asking about anything else they have done over the past year (Barnard Castle, sending infected people into care homes to die and kill others, giving massive contracts to mate with no skills or experience, presiding over the worst response to the pandemic in Europe).

So to save them the effort, please don’t knock at my door.

You are wasting your time.

As it stands, there is one Conservative councillor in Warrington – out of 57.


So voting Tory is a complete waste of time.

Whether I vote Labour or Lib Dem, only time will tell.


  • IT has been a long time coming, but it feels like we finally have some sort of proper opposition in Warrington.

The Labour party has dominated the Town Hall for too long.

They are obsessed with building on green belt, wasting our money and not even doing basic rights, like filling pot holes.

The Liberal Democrats have been a pointless opposition for years, only worried about the south of the town and doing nothing for anyone else.

This year the Conservatives seem ready to fight.

Some proper, local candidates.

And serious suggestions, such as using Fiddlers Ferry for housing.

Our MP has been talking about it for years, now the council finally agrees.

We have a Conservative MP, it would be great to get some Tory councillors too.

It is not right to allow Labour to keep total control of this town without any check or balance.

I know which way I’ll be voting come May.

Hopefully Culcheth will no longer be the forgotten village.


  • WARRINGTON South MP Andy Carter recently stated that ‘nobody should feel concerned for their safety when simply doing their job’ (Warrington Guardian, March 25).

At the outbreak of the Covid pandemic NHS workers wearing binbags for personal protection were terrified as they tried to do their jobs.

All thanks to the ineptitude of a government that recently awarded NHS staff a paltry one per cent pay rise.

One only needs to check Mr Carter’s voting record to see were his loyalties lie and it isn’t with anyone ‘simply doing their job’.