LOCAL press reports two years ago showed how our Cheshire Pension Fund owned a building in London, part of which is a strip club and the main club in a national chain of nightclubs as well as being the ‘registered office’ for other similar ventures.

It was first purchased by the pension fund in 2014, but the fund still own it and presumably get rent from the tenants during the pandemic.

Surely vaccines, PPE, green energy, housing, broadband or almost anything else would be far better investment, than a London nightclub.

We think our pension fund would serve us all better by investing for the future of our Cheshire, Warrington and Halton communities.

This represents one of many dubious investments by the councillors here, who are supposed to manage the £6billion fund for local government employees.

During the pandemic, we know many other clubs and pubs had to remain closed.

Some will have gone bust and others will have applied for grants.

But this club is still in business and has just applied for new licences in December.

Some full-time managers and employees may have been on furlough, but probably not most as they would be low paid, part-time or self-employed.

This sort of 'gentlemen’s club' is entirely legal.

But it raises questions.

For our council pension fund to still own this London building with a strip club is an insult to low paid employees here and to everyone in Cheshire, Warrington and Halton suffering hardship in the pandemic.