IF you get bored during the virus lockdown why not have a go at Warrington Borough Council’s own new version of the Hampton Court Maze challenge.

Warning, it will cost you £30 if you get it wrong.

As a disabled person, I parked in a disabled bay in Bold Street while I had an extended eye examination at a nearby opticians.

On returning to my vehicle I drove down Bold Street and normally I would exit left onto Wilson Patten Street but I noticed that Bold Street had been shut off at the bottom end.

So I turned left into Rylands Street instead with the intention of joining Wilson Patten Street near the tax office, only to find that this had also been closed at its junction.

So I turned into St Austin’s Lane, then into Cairo Street, then Rylands Street with a view to going down Bridge Street.

Because you cannot turn left into Academy Way and there seemed no point in turning right into Friars Gate where I had been before, I had no option but to carry on down Bridge Street to Bridge Foot.

By now, I was desperate to use the toilet because of the water tablets (Forosenide) that I have to take.

So, after being confronted by so many new and existing ‘No Entry’ signs, I was totally confused as to which way to go in order to get out of that area I took a chance and turned left into Mersey Street.

That move cost me a £30 penalty notice.

If the council feels that it needs to introduce new no entry signs on existing streets, why don’t they introduce proper diversion signs?

Here’s a clue, there is only one street that a motorist can use to get out of this area as I realized after I got home.

JACK COX Warrington