WHY would anybody want to keep the Fiddlers Ferry cooling towers eyesore standing as a heritage site for the future? (Warrington Guardian, January 28)

It needs to be demolished at the earliest opportunity.

It is a blot on the landscape and does no good.

What happened to the suggestion that the cleared land could be used to build a new, all singing and dancing Warrington/Halton Hospital?

Now that would be terrific for the whole region.

Let’s look to the future and get rid of the giant monstrosity.

D ALLEN Runcorn

I HAVE to say, I agreed with the suggestion of keeping the cooling towers of Fiddlers Ferry.

It has been a part of the skyline for 50 years and is a part of our history.

Surely one could be saved?

I still feel sad that the former hangers at RAF Burtonwood were pulled down.

Again, why could one not be be preserved for future generations.

We are far too quick to demolish this sort of thing.

I hope we don’t regret it in future years.