MAY I make a special extra plea to those of your readers who are joggers?

One of the very few good things that has come out of Covid is that many of us have rediscovered the importance of active daily exercise such as jogging, walking and cycling.

It’s really great to see so many people out jogging and cycling each day, taking their precious hour of exercise, and let’s hope we can all keep it up after this dreadful experience is over.

But I would plead with joggers, who come up from behind pedestrians on footways, to give pedestrians more space as you pass us.

If you are coming towards us, from the front, there’s no problem, we can gladly help you and give you that six feet of space.

But we cannot see you coming up from behind, and your shoes are near-silent, especially if there are any cars around.

Unavoidably you are breathing very hard (you have to), and that means clouds of breath that could contain lethal minute aerosols of virus that you won’t know you have if you are either asymptomatic or the virus is in its very early stages of infection.

So it is vital, even in the open air, to pass people at that minimum of six feet distance.

That way will keep all of us safe, at this most critical of times.

DAVID THROWER Stockton Heath