FLY-TIPPING in Orford is a massive problem that needs to be addressed.

I live in Orford and have to put up with this disgusting behaviour.

Every other week I contact Warrington Borough Council to ask them to remove this filth that I have to see every day when I get up and go to work, and when I get home I have to walk my dog past this mess.

It it just makes me so angry.

Glass at my back gate and dirty bags dumped.

I can’t fault the council, they come back and move it time and time again.

The waiting time is five weeks, which is understandable but the risk of rats is very high.

I personally think cameras need to be put up as it is in the same backstreets every time.

They are just a complete mess and once they get moved another load gets dumped in the same spot, something needs to be done.